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U.S. Embassy releases statement on Orbánʼs meeting with Cornstein

The U.S. Embassy in Hungary has released a statement about Monday eveningʼs meeting between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Ambassador David B. Cornstein, the occasion being the first instance of a direct meeting between the two men.

According to the statement, several hotly debated topics were covered, such as the fate of the Central European University (CEU) and Russiaʼs expansionist foreign policy.

"They discussed the importance of increasing cooperation and strengthening mutual trust between the leadership of our countries," said the statement. "The Ambassador emphasized our countries’ shared interests on a range of issues, including security cooperation, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, energy security, and the Central European University."

"This meeting was an important step in rebuilding trust and communication, and sets the foundation for continued high-level communications on the many important issues facing both countries," the statement asserted.