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Undecided voters optimistic about change of Hungarian government

Political polls in recent months have revealed a constant 30-33% of undecided voters, or those with no declared party preference. The last-minute choices of this group could still significantly alter the expected outcome of Hungaryʼs elections this Sunday, April 8, and many still believe they could yet result in a change of government.

According to a poll by Závecz Research conducted March 7-14, as many as 900,000 Hungarians want to change the current government but will not reveal their party preferences. Around two-thirds of these people say they will surely or probably cast their vote on April 8, online portal reports, citing Závecz data.

Further questions revealed that about 40% of undecided voters will "probably" vote for the far-right Jobbik, although the other opposition parties together enjoy similar support of 34-38% among undecided voters. This means that none of the opposition parties currently enjoys overwhelming support among the undecided.

Based on the most recent results, a relative majority of voters, 47%, think that Fidesz cannot be defeated, the same amount as in January and February. However, the percentage of those who think that the ruling party can be defeated has gradually grown, from 33% in January, to 35% in February, to 39% in March.

The most optimistic are supporters of Jobbik and the Democratic Coalition (DK), a respective 80% and 90% of whom believe they will defeat Fidesz.

According to the most recent Závecz poll conducted in early March, Fidesz still enjoys a significant lead both among all voters and among committed ones.