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Two Hungarians apprehended on charges of spying for the U.S.

The Hungarian police apprehended two Hungarian citizens on Monday on charges of spying for the United States, the International Monetary Fund and the Swiss Fund, according to a report published Wednesday by online daily Heti Válasz.

Citing unnamed sources, the daily said the two suspects reportedly have ties with a firm called Arcade LLC – one is the owner and the other the Hungarian representative of the company – Heti Válasz said.

The National Investigation Office (NNI), which is leading the investigations, said that the suspects were part of an organization called Empire, and were spying for the United States, the IMF and the Swiss Found, investigative journalism portal reported.

The lawyer representing the company’s owner told that the proceedings have not been made secret, which is extraordinary, considering the gravity of the case. The lawyer called the proceedings “nonsense”, given that investigations are based on actions which allegedly took place in 2008.

According to the lawyer, his client is charged with leaking a document about the Hungarian army to a NATO official, which the lawyer claims is impossible, as the Hungarian military, as part of NATO, has no documents NATO does not already have access to, reported. He added that allegations are similar in the charges of spying for IMF. “How could my client spy for an organization that Hungary has been a part of since 1982,” the lawyer told