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Top government officials proliferate under Orbán

The current Orbán administration in Hungary has the highest number of top officials ever, according to Hungarian daily tabloid Blikk. Although the government has only 13 ministers, an additional 57 ministers of state and 113 deputy ministers of state work in the government, Hungarian online news portal added.

According to Blikk, in the past year a dozen ministers of state and deputy ministers of state have been promoted. The most recent promotion of János Süli as minister without portfolio responsible for the upgrade of Hungary’s sole nuclear plant in Paks was accompanied by the promotion of two ministers of state.

The highest number of top officials are employed at the Ministry of Human Capacities, with ten ministers of state and their 21 deputies, Blikk reported. According to, earlier the same number of top officials could jointly be found in five ministries on average.

Blikk estimates that the salaries of top officials cost taxpayers approximately HUF 160 million per month. Under the previous Orbán government, this amount was around HUF 94 mln a month, while the Socialist Bajnai government paid approximately HUF 75 million per month to top officials, according to estimates by Blikk.