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Three out of 4 Hungarians deem EU beneficial, poll finds

Despite the governmentʼs strident anti-Brussels rhetoric, over three-quarters of Hungarians consider the country’s membership in the European Union an asset, shows the latest survey by independent pollster Závecz Research, commissioned by news portal 

The survey reveals that about 17% of the 1,000 Hungarians surveyed consider Hungaryʼs EU membership "very beneficial," while 59% consider it "beneficial." Only 11% agreed that EU membership is "disadvantageous," while just 6% said it is "very disadvantageous." Around 7% did not know or failed to answer.

The research reveals that some 73% of polled voters of the governing Fidesz find membership useful, while 88% of opposition voters share the same opinion. The least enthusiastic age group is 50-59, where 24% said they think EU membership is a disadvantage for Hungary.

The study asked respondents to evaluate their expectations of the EU on a five-point scale. Both government and opposition voters rated the EU at 3.2. Those with or without primary education living in small settlements were the least satisfied with the results of Hungary’s membership, while the young generation were the happiest.

Some 69% of Hungarians said they would vote again for Hungary’s EU accession, 19% would vote against, and 7% would abstain, the research reveals. When Hungary joined the EU in 2004, 84% of Hungarians voted in favor of joining, albeit with a turnout of only 45.6%.

About 89% of opposition voters said they would vote again for accession. The rate among those who attained tertiary education stands at 85%, while 84% of those who live in Budapest would do so. The same proportion of the 18-29 age group would favor accession.

Again, the 50-59 age group was the least enthusiastic in this respect, with only 53% saying they would vote again for accession, while a quarter of this group would definitely vote against.

The poll shows that every fourth Fidesz voter would vote for a hypothetical exit from the EU, while 61% would vote again for accession if such a vote were held now.