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Tens of thousands protest Hungaryʼs education system

An estimated 10,000 demonstrators protesting the government’s handling of education set off from Hősök tere in Budapest’s city park, to march a rally at Kossuth tér, outside the Parliament building this afternoon. The crowd at Kossuth tér swelled to tens of thousands, and was estimated by the Associated Press as the biggest since the 2014 anti-internet-tax protests.

Demonstrators marching on Andrássy út around 3pm today. (Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry)

Braving the rain on the Hungarian National holiday, teachers and protestors chanted and called for change in government as they protested poor management and political interference in the education of Hungary’s children.

Teachers and parents complain that KLIK, the centralized body that has been administering schools is broke, and cannot afford to pay for basic school supplies. Critics of the system also complain that KLIK promotes a politically inspired curriculum, which involves a lot of memorization and a lack of analytical thinking.