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Teachers say education is in danger in open letter

The teachers of Herman Ottó secondary school, in the city of Miskolc, northeastern Hungary, have called for help in an open letter, claiming the Hungarian education system is “in danger”, according to news reports.

The teachers stressed in the letter that they are not writing to complain about their wages. “Everything has become chaotic, there is insecurity, exasperation and many times apathy in teachers’ rooms,” the letter sent to local online daily yesterday said.

The teachers claim that students are forced to learn too many facts in too little time, and are not encouraged to form and express their own opinions, think and argue, but to memorize the material, the letter revealed. Teachers also complained about the increased number of weekly classes overwhelming students.

“The future of our kids, therefore the future of the country, is at stake… this should be considered as a call for help, we are asking for the help and support of relevant authorities and society,” the teachers said in the closing statement of the letter.