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Tax inspector: HUF 1.7 trillion in VAT fraud run up

Former employee of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) András Horváth has stepped forward in claiming that the authority is actively involved in allowing major tax “discounts” to numerous major firms operating in Hungary.

As he told local news outlet without naming any specific companies, the practice has been ongoing for years and has led to perhaps HUF 1.7 trillion (an estimate at which Horváth claims the European Commission has also arrived) going unpaid to the treasury.

Horváth explained in an interview that he has repeatedly raised matters to his superiors as well as top government circles; so far to no avail.

NAV responded with a report that a full internal audit had been conducted over the course of a single weekend and everything had been found in order. Office representatives rejected Horváth’s claims and NAV responded by pressing charges against him.