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Szijjártó urges South Stream gas line

The construction of the South Stream gas pipeline is a European interest as the facility will help increase energy security in Central Europe, state secretary for foreign affairs and trade Péter Szijjártó said in Vienna on an energy security conference yesterday. The South Stream pipeline would diversify transport routes, reduce transit risks and supply Western Europe as well, he added.

The secretary also urged the boost of Russia-EU talks discussing the details of the projects as the realization of the pipeline is supported by many reasons.

As a main reason, the secretary mentioned the lack of a common European energy policy that led to the failure of the Nabucco project – which aimed to diversify the resources and routes.

The delay in the launch of an LNG terminal in Croatia and the lack of two-way gas supplies through pipelines connecting Hungary with Romania and Croatia, are also important factors calling for the need of the pipeline, though the North Stream pipeline had successfully reduced transit risks, Szijjártó elaborated.

Building South Stream is a basic interest for Hungary and Central Europe as gas supplies to the region should not hinge on the political situation in a neighboring country, namely Ukraine, he said.