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State secretary says draft cannabis bill ‘not normal’

Árpád János Pótápi, state secretary for national policy at the Prime Minister’s Office, said that he is “far from agreeing” with the point of view of Liberal Party leader Gábor Fodor, who recently submitted a draft amendment proposal to legalize recreational and medical use of cannabis in Hungary, according to a report by online news portal

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“Sometimes I am stunned how some people try to force their extreme views on the normal majority of society by describing not normal things as if they were normal,” Pótápi was quoted as saying by

Fodor submitted a draft amendment proposal that aims to legalize marijuana or cannabis consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes in Hungary.

Although some findings are consistent with the view of marijuana as a “gateway drug,” research shows that the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, “harder” substances, according to a summary of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the U.S.

The summary adds that “alcohol and nicotine also prime the brain for a heightened response to other drugs and are, like marijuana, also typically used before a person progresses to other, more harmful substances.”