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Soros receives Order of Freedom award

Hungarian-born business magnate and philanthropist George Soros has been awarded the Order of Freedom by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, online news daily reported late yesterday.

Poroshenko presented the award to Soros, the founder of Open Society Foundation, personally. The President noted that Soros’ work and the work of his organizations have had a dramatic impact on the situation in Ukraine, Hungarian online daily reported.

“Your activity of the past few years has significantly contributed to the recent democratic changes in Ukraine. That’s why I am honored today to present you this high award with a symbolic name – the Order of Freedom,” the President said, as reported on 

According to Poroshenko, the International Renaissance Foundation of Ukraine, which was founded by Soros in 1989 prior to Ukraine gaining independence, has played an important role in the development of the Ukrainian state and democracy in the past 25 years, reported.

Soros said that it is a “great honor” to receive this award from the president personally on behalf of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Soros was given this award for his "significant personal contribution to the strengthening of the international authority of the Ukrainian state, implementation of socio-economic reforms and many years of fruitful activity”, reported.