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Soros answers government claims on national consultation

George Soros does have a plan, which aims to create a Europe with a mixed population, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán re-asserted in a TV interview on Thursday. One day later, Soros reacted in a long op-ed on opinion website Project Syndicate, rebutting the governmentʼs allegations.

Orbán gave an interview to pro-government TV channel Echo TV, in which he expressed several thoughts, some new and some slightly different from previous ones. The most politically motivated segment of the "Brussels machinery" is the European Parliament, Orbán said, arguing that if something happens in Hungary which harms the interests of the great powers, great companies or great individuals, the EP is the first to attack Hungary.

Many of those who support migration are not ill-intended and truly believe that the right course of the development of humanity is to have a mixed population, but this contradicts common sense, the prime minister said. And he insisted George Soros does have a six-step plan that targets this.

Soros reacted on Friday to statements made by the Hungarian government regarding its recently closed national consultation about the alleged "Soros plan." He pointed at his guiding principle, which is that "the allocation of refugees within the EU should be entirely voluntary. Member states should not be forced to accept refugees whom they don’t want, and refugees should not be forced to settle in countries where they are not wanted," he wrote.

"Member states that refuse to accept refugees can make an appropriate contribution in many other ways, but the refugee crisis is a European problem, so it needs a European solution, not 28 separate solutions. It is this set of policy recommendations that the Hungarian government has deliberately distorted and labeled the ʼSoros Planʼ," the Hungarian-born businessman added.

Soros acknowledges that the EU has not adopted his ideas "and the toxic political atmosphere created by Hungary (and Poland) has reduced Europe’s capacity to receive and integrate refugees."

In conclusion, he added: "I do not blame the Hungarian and Polish governments for refusing to accept refugees they do not want; but I do hold them largely responsible for impeding a European solution."

The full article can be read in English here.