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Six green firms take on EU goals in Brussels

Leaders of six green energy firms (Acciona Energia, Alstom, ERG, Enercon, RES and Vestas) doing business on The Continent have challenged big utilities by advocating a tougher renewable goal to save European Union member states billions in fossil fuel imports and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Reuters reported yesterday.

The European Commission in January put forward a carbon-cutting goal of 40% by 2030 compared with 1990 levels, plus an EU-wide renewable-energy goal of 27%

The six firms told a Brussels audience the EU should instead make a 30% green energy goal binding on all 28 member states. Those representing the group of interests stated that the EC’s own figures show their 30% green energy goal would create 570,000 extra jobs and save €260 billion ($356 billion) in fossil fuel imports, compared with a single carbon-cutting target.

Executives from utilities including Germany-based E.ON, RWE and GDF Suez, formed what became known as the Magritte Group last year to lobby for an end to subsidies for wind and solar energy.