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Simicska: Orbán was communist informer

Lajos Simicska, the media oligarch whose business success has been linked to his close affiliation with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, said in an interview with Hungarian online portal yesterday that Orbán informed on him to the communist secret service authorities when they served together as soldiers about 30 years ago.

Simicska (pictured), who had a very public falling out with Orbán earlier this year, also said that he believes there still are copies of Orbán's report to Hungary's communist-era leadership in Moscow. The media oligarch speculated that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could be threatening to use those reports against the prime minister.

Asked for comment on Simicska's remarks, the Prime Minister’s Office rejected the claims. The office sent Orbán’s letter he had written to Ágnes Vadai, in which the prime minister writes that, when he was serving as a soldier, there had been attempts to make him report on his fellow soldiers, but he rejected those attempts. The Prime Minister's Office also attached links of the relevant documents that are publicly available on the office’s website.