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Scandal-hit Győr mayor set to resign

Győr Mayor Zsolt Borkai, who was widely criticized for his involvement in a recent sex and corruption scandal, has announced his intention to resign this week in an open letter to the public, published on local website Győ

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In his letter, Borkai claims that he has been the victim of a character assassination, accusing the Devilʼs Advocate blog, which published photos and videos of Borkai at a sex party on a yacht in Croatia, of being a "well-thought-out, professionally prepared trap," with its creators looking for political or financial benefits. Borkai admitted to committing adultery, apologizing for it in the letter, but denied claims of drug use and corruption.

"Iʼll draw the consequences and take responsibility," Borkai wrote. "I love Győr, so I do not want to hinder the further development of the city with my person and what happened to me. I hereby declare that, in view of the moral situation, I will resign from my duties as mayor by 4 p.m. on Friday, after the upcoming general assembly."

Despite the scandal, Borkai was narrowly reelected mayor of the northwest Hungarian city, but many observers believe the scandal may have impacted the poor performance of the governing Fidesz in local elections nationwide. The opposition made significant gains in many cities across the country, and particularly in Budapest.

Shortly after the municipal elections on October 13, Borkai resigned his membership of the governing Fidesz party following a meeting in Budapest with Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér and Fidesz Vice President Gábor Kubatov.