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Rogán: MT stifles free speech of pop star by firing him

Magyar Telekom violated a fundamental Hungarian law by ignoring freedom of speech when the company decided to pull its sponsorship of Hungarian pop singer Ákos because he said women should be paid less than men, Antal Rogán, leader of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, said today, according to Hungarian online daily

Rogán (pictured) reportedly said that the Hungarian government “signaled with its symbolic move in response” that “they cannot do whatever they want”, reported. The Hungarian government yesterday instructed all ministries to cancel their contracts, altogether 103, with Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian subsidiary of German telco giant Deutsche Telekom.

The contracts to be canceled include the mobile internet subscriptions of government institutions, Rogán said in an interview this morning on commercial channel TV2, reported. “Magyar Telekom abused its position that it has money, and can do whatever it wants. On behalf of all Hungarian citizens, we hereby say, that it cannot do whatever it wants,” Rogán reportedly said in the interview.

Rogán added that the cancellation of these contracts will not cause a huge financial loss for Magyar Telekom, however it “clearly indicates” to them that there are rules to follow, the political cabinet chief said.