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Rogán: EU’s immigration policy needs to be revised

The European Unionʼs immigration policy needs to be revised, given that the Dublin regulation, for example, is a failure, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz Caucus Leader Antal Rogán said today during a parliamentary session in Hungary, online daily reported.

Rogán noted that temporarily terminating Schengen borders and reintroducing border control is not an option, but the borders of the European Union need to be protected. He also said that the possible introduction of a quota system can only be discussed once EU borders are safely protected, reported.

The caucus leader reportedly restated that if we cannot protect our borders, refugees could get stuck in Hungary. He also noted that if the European Union is unable to protect its borders, then the freedom of movement inside the Schengen area might be at stake.

He agreed with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that Europe cannot accept everyone that arrives here, and that EU leaders need to offer help to Hungary in defending borders, said.

Rogán noted that, although, the migration pressure on Hungary is huge, he believes that Hungary will not be using weapons, until the country is being attacked by weapons, according to