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Report: Refugees trapped inside Hungary, on far side of fence

Serbia is refusing to take back refugees who are rejected by Hungary, creating a situation where, by 1 p.m. today, roughly 1,000 refugees were stuck in a “no-man’s land”, a narrow strip between the Serbian border and the Hungarian border fence, according to reports. The number of people stuck in that area is said to be growing.

Refugees on the Serbian side of the border fence approach the Horgos-Röszke border crossing today. (Photo MTI/Zoltán Máthé)

According to Hungarian news portal, a Serbian minister has said that Serbia will not take back the refugees who are turned away by Hungarian police. The portal said those refugees remain in a “no-man’s land”, which is technically in Hungarian territory but is on the far side of the border fence. 

The situation of refugees at the Serbian-Hungarian border is getting worse, and could get out of control, Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s minister of labor, said today, according to Serbian news portal Vulin reportedly told reporters at Horgos-Röszke that Hungary should open the border crossing there and allow refugees to seek asylum.

While the number of refugees trapped at the closed border crossings of Röszke and Ásotthalom grows, journalists are being cleared out from the “no-man’s land” between Hungary and Serbia by the Hungarian Police, according to reports.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, Hungary’s former Prime Minister and current leader of opposition Democratic Coalition, wrote on his official Facebook page that he is also stuck in Serbia as the borders are currently closed.