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Report: Refugees bused from Röszke to Austrian border

Thousands of refugees waiting at the reception center in Röszke, on the Hungarian-Serbian border, have been bused by police to Szentgotthárd, at the Austrian border, Hungarian online daily reports today. An earlier report noted that the center was being emptied of refugees, but it was not clear this morning where they were being taken.

Refugees wait in Heiligenkreuz, Austria for buses to take them out of the border town. (Photo: MTI/György Varga)

The daily notes that refugees arriving in Szentgotthárd are not being registered in Hungary, but are immediately crossing into Austria on foot as soon as they arrive to the border by bus. The refugees are not only being transported from Röszke but also from the refugee camp in Körmend, reports.

The mayor of Szentgotthárd, Gábor Huszár, confirmed to that “migrants” are continuously being dropped off at one of the cityʼs industrial parks. The daily reports that the mayor was informed late yesterday that several “migrants” would be arriving there today.

The daily also says that refugees are simply crossing the border on foot to Heiligenkreuz, where they have been gathering. There were approximately 3,000 refugees in the Austrian city this  morning and another 500 arrive every hour, the daily says.