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Report: Orbán fears secret German-Turkish refugee pact

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a Fidesz-KDNP party meeting in Lillafüred yesterday that there is a secret agreement between Germany and Turkey to let as many as 500,000 refugees come from Turkey to Europe, and he wants to stop this plan, according to a report published today in Magyar Idők.

Péter Harrach, head of the KDNP faction, in Miskolc yesterday, on the way to Lillafüred for the meeting with members of Fidesz, his partyʼs coalition partner. (Photo: MTI/János Vajda)

“Under the secret agreement 400,000-500,000 immigrants will be directly transported from Turkey to the territory of the European Union, and not only Germany would be required to accept them, but they would be distributed among the member states,” according to Magyar Idők, a paper that often carries stories straight from the government. “Orbán said that the most important mission for the time being is to prevent the German-Turkish pact from happening, and added that the possible execution of this secret agreement would not stop the flow of migrants, so the siege could keep hitting Europe for years.”

Orbán, who spoke at a faction meeting involving Fidesz and its coalition partner KDNP (Christian Democrats) in Lillafüred, had raised concerns about such a deal last year.

According to a report from Bloomberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday during a visit to Turkey that the best way to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into Europe was to make an agreement with Turkey to take more refugees into Europe in exchange for Turkey improving its border controls.