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Report: Emigration exceeds immigration in Hungary

Emigration from Hungary is a far greater issue than immigration, according to a fresh data compiled by pollster Tárki, which found that emigration numbers have been on the rise since January of this year, online daily reported yesterday.

Tárki noted that the tendency of the Hungarian population to emigrate has grown substantially from 2000, and with the exception of 2010, that number has fluctuated between 14% and 18%, growing substantially between 2010 and 2012, the daily noted. These numbers stabilized at 10-14% from 2013. Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom remain prime destinations for those leaving Hungary.

The number of Hungarians planning to emigrate has jumped to record highs, doubling in 2015 as compared to a year ago, reported. In Western Hungary, the proportion of those willing to emigrate is the highest in the country, at 23%. The proportion of students willing to leave is 45%, while 39% of the population below 25 years of age is also planning to emigrate.