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Protesters stay in Kossuth tér after police deadline

Over 200 anti-government demonstrators remained in Budapest's Kossuth tér after noon local time on Friday, the deadline set earlier by the police to clear the square ahead of commemorations of the 1956 revolution over the weekend.

National Police Spokesman László Garamvölgyi said the police were still in telephone contact with the protesters, trying to reach an agreement. He reiterated, however, that if the talks proved to be unsuccessful, the national police chief would make a unilateral decision, but “both the decision and its execution will be legally founded.”
Police negotiations with protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his government reached an impasse on Thursday in lack of a compromise concerning the number of demonstrators to be allowed to stay in the square when top-ranking foreign dignitaries arrived for commemorations, as well as on some other rules of assembly.