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Pro-Hong Kong demo took place at PRC embassy

Despite the poor weather, a minor demonstration against Chinaʼs treatment of Hong Kong went ahead yesterday, with some 50-100 protesters turning up at the Embassy of the Peopleʼs Republic of China in Hungary.


The protesters wielded umbrellas not only because of the rain but to express solidarity with the citizens of Hong Kong, according to the Facebook site of the event. They also expressed solidarity with Tibet and the Uyghur Muslims interned in China.

According to a report by news site, the small crowd was met by a similar amount of counter-protesters, singing Chinese songs and shouting in Mandarin.

The report adds that the speakers of the pro-Hong Kong demonstration said several tech firms such as Google and Apple collaborate with Beijing, adding that U.S President Donald Trump recently signed several bills backing Hong Kong, and that the European Union should follow his example.