Hungary’s governing Fidesz party has shred some of its lead over the main rival Socialist party, and the radical nationalist Jobbik has increased its camp, the latest Ipsos poll published in Saturday’s Nepszabadsag showed.

Among all voters, support for Fidesz and its allied Christian Democrats went down to 22%from 23% in June while the Socialists added one point to 14%, said the poll.

This translates into about 1.8 million votes for the centre-right ruling alliance and around 1.1 million supporters for the Socialists.

Jobbik’s support base rose from 7 to 8% from June to July.

The green opposition LMP party had 4 percent support in the whole sample, just under the 5 percent threshold for entering parliament.

Fully half of respondents were undecided, the poll said.

Among decided voters with a clear party preference and the willingness to show up at the polls, support for the Fidesz-Christian Democrats fell to 49% from 51% in June. In this group, the Socialists, lost support, from 28 to 27% in the same period.

Jobbik support among committed voters has risen significantly from 12 to 17%. That would give the party some 600,000 votes, the most since elections last spring, the paper said.

The poll said that voters have overall been dissatisfied with the performance of both the governing and opposition parties over the past year. On a scale of one to 100, opinion of the work of the governing parties measured 31 points, while that of the opposition only 26 points, according to the poll.