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Poll: Hungarians favor America over Russia

According to a survey carried out by Median in the period of November 28–December 2, Hungarian citizens favor nurturing a good relationship with the Unites States over Russia, Hungarian online daily 444 reported today.

Some 63% of the respondents believe that relations with the United States have been worsening, while 57% of them believe this situation is the fault of Hungary, 14% blame the United States, 27% blame both countries and 2% have no idea, according to the report.

Almost half of the respondents (49%), were listed as saying they believe that the country’s relations with Russia has not changed anything, 36% believe that it got better, 10% believe that it worsened while 5% have no idea.

If there were a repeat of the Cold War, 53% of the respondents would choose the United States as an ally, 25% would choose Russia and 22% do not know, according to the report.

Asked to rate countries on a scale from 0-100, where 0 is the least favorable and 100 is the most favorable, Hungarians gave Germany 80 points, Great Britain 74, the United States of America 64 points, China 46 and Russia 44, the report said.

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