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Police bus refugees from Röszke; destination unknown

Hungarian Police cleared out the collecting center for refugees at Röszke overnight, asking volunteers to wake sleeping refugees, who were told to board buses, Hungarian online daily reported. There was no indication as to where the refugees were being taken, but by midnight 20 buses had come and they continued to arrive all morning, MTI reports.

Refugees cross the Serbian Hungarian border at Röszke. (Photo: MTI/Balázs Mohai)

By dawn the collecting point was empty, said. Groups of refugees arriving to Röszke from Serbia are being put on buses and taken away, and the Hungarian Army has appeared at the scene with military jeeps, the portal added.

Asylum seekers are supposed to be given medium-term housing in refugee camps, of which Hungary has several, although these camps are said to be full.

Hungarian Police registered a record number of unauthorized border crossings over the weekend, as refugees flood to Hungary before stricter border laws take effect tomorrow.