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Parlʼt Committee condemns Iohannisʼ remarks about Transylvanian autonomy

The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly accepted, by unanimous decision, a resolution condemning a statement by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis accusing his countryʼs Social Democratic Party of secretly negotiating a transfer of Transylvania to Hungary.

Klaus Iohannis (Photo by Alexandros Michailidis/

According to a report by news site, Iohannis released his statement after draft legislation opening the door to limited autonomy for a part of Transylvania got the implicit approval of the lower house of Romanian parliament.

"While I, the government and the other authorities fight for the lives of Romanians and to get rid of this pandemic, the PSD… fights behind the scenes in parliament to give Transylvania to the Hungarians," the Romanian President said.

He also accused PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu of conspiring with the Hungarian Prime Minister, saying "What did Budapest’s leader, Viktor Orbán, promise you in exchange for this deal?"

Committee condemns Iohannisʼ comments, calls for cooperation on minority issues

"The Committee on Foreign Affairs was shocked to learn about the April 29, 2020 statement of Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania, in which he accused one of his country’s parties on the one hand and the Prime Minister of Hungary on the other that they secretly negotiated about transferring Transylvania to Hungary," the committeeʼs adopted resolution says.

The committee argues that the presidentʼs statement stirs up a feeling of animosity in the two countries, and resembles "the narrative of the Ceaucescu dictatorship".

The resolution also notes that there are multiple examples of well-functioning autonomies in Europe, claiming that the international legitimacy of the Romanian initiative is indisputable.

"The Foreign Affairs Committee is committed to cooperation, dialogue, and strengthening mutual trust between Hungary and Romania, which is firmly advanced by realizing the political, cultural, and linguistic rights and self-governing aims of the Hungarians living in Romania. The committee condemns every act that puts this cooperation at risk," the resolution concludes.