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Parliament rejects refugee quotas, sets legal battle with EU

Parliament yesterday set up a legal battle with the European Union by approving a resolution rejecting an EU plan to introduce a quota system that would share refugees among member nations, according to reports.

Cabinet Chief Antal Rogán speaks to Parliament yesterday. (Photo:

The vote by Parliament allows the Hungarian government to launch legal action against the EU to prevent Hungary from having to comply with the quota system by accepting a certain number of refugees, according to the Associated Press.

In comments before Parliament, Political Cabinet Chief Antal Rogán said the quotas would flood Hungary with refugees. “If the calculation is based on the influx of 1.2 million people, this would mean the relocation to Hungary of more than 15,000 people annually,” Rogán said, according to the government website,

Having built a fence on its borders with Croatia and Serbia, Hungary has dramatically reduced the number of refugees passing through this country, on their way from Turkey to Germany.

Hungary grants asylum to a few hundred refugees a year and rejects economic migrants," the Associated Press reports.