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Orbán promises end of campaigning, return to details of governing

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said his cabinet would return to the "details" of governing after campaigning in a year in which local elections and European Parliament elections took place, speaking at a press briefing in Budapest on Thursday, state news wire MTI reports.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (Image: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry)

Orbán conceded that the political activities of governing Fidesz party had been "more militant" in the past two years because of campaigning but said the period of "struggle" and "confrontation" must come to a close.

"The campaigns are over, which calls for a return to the policies of earlier," he said.

The government has built up the country since it came to power in 2010, and now it wants to "strengthen and accelerate" that work, Orbán said.

He said the government wants to return to its earlier practice of calling national consultations to gauge citizensʼ stand on important issues. At least two national consultations are planned for 2020, he added.