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Orbán on Brexit: ‘Hungary believes in the EU’

Hungary belongs to the European Union because “we believe in” it, but there are questions Brussels has not been able to answer adequately, such as the migrant issue, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said this morning, commenting on Britainʼs decision to leave the EU. Orbán said the result of the Brexit referendum can be traced back to migrants.

Hungaryʼs Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the radio this morning. (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

During his regular biweekly interview with state-owned Kossuth radio, the prime minister said that the most important message gleaned from the Brexit referendum, which will most likely result in the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, is that “Brussels must hear the voice of the people”, Hungarian online news daily reported. 

Commenting on the Brexit vote, the prime minister said that every nation has the right to decide on their own destiny. He added that it needs to be investigated what topics were the most decisive in affecting the final results of the vote. Orbán said he sees the migration issue and how it is handled as the most important topic.

Considering the possible effects of the vote, the prime minister said he has some ideas of what will happen. “The market focuses on the present, while politics focus on the future, therefore all responsible leaders, as well as myself, have ideas of what will happen,” Orbán said. He added that the priority now is to “answer the questions in an appropriate order”.