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Orbán in post-election international press conference

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held his third international press conference as a national election winner, but his first as reelected incumbent yesterday. His introductory remarks described the election as “reaffirm[ing] about everything we’ve done over the past four years.” In sideward address of the far-right Jobbik party’s gain in Parliamentary representation, Orbán reckoned that voters “also said ‘no’ to hatred and to an exit from the EU” and that his Fidesz party “is the guarantee that no extremism finds its way into public life either from the right or from the left.”

Orbán then took questions from journalists, beginning with a query about whether the PM was concerned about attaining a two-thirds majority of 133 seats in the Parliament, technically still unknown as of press time. In reply, Orbán stated that “the fate of one or two mandates does not affect the key issue. Hungary has decided we should continue our job.”

As for forming his new government, Orbán stated that he aims to have his new lineup set by the end of the business day today, with debate on composition of the cabinet scheduled as part of a government meeting. According to, four politicos are assured of retaining key positions: Interior Minister Sándor Pintér, National Economy Minister Mihály Varga, Chief of Staff János Lázár and Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog.

On the subject of the extraordinary bank levy currently in place in Hungary, Orbán stated that, since some banks turned a profit in 2013, financial institutions based in the country will therefore “remain part of the fair public burden sharing.”

Finally, Orbán promised that recent upturns in certain economic indicators “are not temporary; they will be lasting.” Hungary is “at the door of a great era,” he said.