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Orbán: Europe ‘has been betrayed’

Europe “has been betrayed”, and it is “no coincidence” that large European states were not prepared for the influx of refugees, when they have “well-functioning secret intelligence”, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today at the Idők Jelei conference held in Budapest, Hungarian news agency MTI reported today.

Speaking at a conference that was meant to address future challenges, Orbán said a few well-organized activist leaders who think beyond nation states and are moving large funds might be be background actors behind current events, MTI reported. 

“If you think about the Soros Foundation now, it is not gratuitous,” Orbán said, according to MTI. 

“These leaders are trying to establish a leadership above nations backed by human rights policies,” Orbán said according to Hungarian online daily “In opposition to this conspiracy, this betrayal, we need to turn to democracy, we need to turn to the people,” Orbán said, according to MTI.

Orbán received a scholarship from the foundation he was criticizing – The Soros Foundation – and spent four months in Oxford, England, where he studied at Pembroke College, Oxford University, in 1989, according to his CV posted on the Parliament’s official website. Orbán halted his studies in England and came back to Hungary for the elections in 1990.