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Orbán delays internet tax, plans public input

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today in his regular fortnightly radio interview that the proposed internet tax “cannot be introduced in its present form”. The prime minister said the tax needs to be discussed early next year, and a “national consultation” should take place in mid-January.

Orbán argued on his MR1 radio show that the government proposed the internet tax because telecommunications have been drifting toward the internet. He said the new tax was an extension of the telecoms tax, and that the tax system needs to follow the “natural moves of life”. He acknowledged it is normal that people have questions in connection with a new tax, though he maintained that the dispute in this current case “got derailed”.

The Prime Minister said that people do not find the internet tax sensible, and thus it needs to be further discussed, as the government “governs together with people”.

Orbán has held national consultations in the past. These have involved a questionnaire sent to citizens in the mail.