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Orbán blames EU polcy and migration crisis for Brexit

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that EU political systems and migration policies are to blame for the U.K. decision to leave the union, and that these problems could make other countries consider leaving, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said yesterday in a Brussels press conference after the Brexit summit.

Hungaryʼs Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers his press conference after the Brexit talks in Brussels yesterday. (Photo: MTI/Balázs Szecsődi)

“It is possible to create European migration politics, in harmony with the Hungarian national interest,” Orbán said at after the summit of EU leaders who gathered to discuss the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the union, according to “If we want to restore the democratic nature of the EU, we should return to the thought that the base of the European Union is its countries and not its institutions. The European Union is not in Brussels, but in the 27, or - for the time being – in its 28 European capitals.”

Orbán expressed the opinion that the migration crisis was to blame for the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, and that dissatisfaction with EU choices could lead to further division among EU member states.

“If the EU cannot solve the migration situation then such challenges as we saw in the case of the United Kingdom will increase,” Orbán said, according to “We must strive to guarantee that Brussels hears the voice of the citizens, that it is possible to achieve in Brussels a migration policy that meets peopleʼs wishes and does not make it unavoidable to risk their membership to step up against a migration policy they dislike,”