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New gov't to cut taxes this year, Orbán says

The new government will cut taxes before the end of this year, Viktor Orbán, leader of the Fidesz party that won the first-round of Hungary's national elections, told journalists.

Leading Fidesz politician and former Finance Minister Mihály Varga said in a radio interview was confident there would be a tax reduction yet this year, depending on the position of the budget.

Both comments came after another leading Fidesz politician, László Kövér, said earlier this week that the new government will not cut taxes and contributions this year, noting that the tax burden of businesses could be lowered to the level of Hungary's competitors in the region by the end of the government's four-year term and that of employees in the following two years.

Fidesz will announce a regional and nationwide public-work program to replace the current fragmented public-work system, Orbán said in Miskolc. Orbán said the new government will utilize public work in areas such as flood and inland-water protection and sewerage development.

Orbán confirmed that Fidesz aims to create 1m new jobs over ten years, partly through organizing public work and partly by cutting taxes.

In an interview with the daily Magyar Nemzet, Orbán said holding a two-thirds majority in parliament would be beneficial for bringing about national unity and allowing quick decision-making in some matters, such as conflict-resolution. As an example, Orbán cited amending the police law to create public order and the local government reform.

Reopening talks with international financing organizations will be necessary to put Hungary's economy back on track, Orbán told the paper.

“The more unified backing the government has, the easier these organizations will believe we can deliver on our plans,” Orbán said.

The second round of Hungary's general elections will be held on Sunday. (MTI – Econews)