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Municipal elections called for October 13

President of Hungary János Áder has set the date of this yearʼs municipal elections for October 13, marking the eighth occasion voters go to the polls to select city council representatives and mayors since 1990.


While governing party Fidesz retains a comfortable lead over the opposition, the opposition parties have announced a series of coordinated candidates in several large cities across the country.

In Budapest, the election seems to boil down to a three-way race between current Mayor István Tarlós (nominally independent, but enjoying Fideszʼs support), opposition candidate Gergely Karácsony, and media personality Róbert Puzsér.

According to a June countrywide poll by the IDEA Institute, the governing Fidesz-KDNP currently enjoys the support of 32% of the total population eligible to vote, with the Democratic Coalition (DK) standing at 8%, and Jobbik supported by 7%, followed by the Socialist Party (MSzP) and Momentum each at 5%.