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More than 24,000 refugees enter Hungary over weekend

Over the weekend, 24,258 unauthorized border crossings were registered by the Hungarian Police, according to official data published by

Work continues on a fence at the Hungarian-Croatian border, near Beremend. (Photo: MTI/Tamás Sóki)

On Friday 8,159 unauthorized border crossings were registered in the country; on Saturday that number was 9,472; and on Sunday it dropped to 6,627, the data suggest. The majority of these were recorded on the Hungarian-Croatian border, while near the Serbian border, where Hungary has built a fence, only 636 unauthorized crossings were recorded.

Hungary’s Interior Minister Sándor Pintér said today that although there is “no exact date set” for Hungary to close the Croatian border, the country is under huge migration pressure. Hungary started extending the fence on the Serbian border to the Croatian border.

Meanwhile refugee camps at Opatovac and Tovarnik, Croatia, have been cleared out by Croatian buses transporting refugees to the Hungarian border, state-owned all news channel M1 reported today.