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Ministry publishes 2011 survey on Sunday closures

Hungary’s National Economy Ministry today published the results of a survey it commissioned in 2011 to explore how Hungarians felt about keeping shops closed on Sundays. The ministry, however, dismissed speculation that an impact study had been made regarding restrictions on Sunday Business hours, Hungarian news agency MTI reported today.

According to the ministry’s survey, 54% of the respondents were against retailers closing on Sundays, almost 38% said they shopped on Sunday and 18.5% said they used their Sunday shopping trips to stock up for the week.

Approximately 75% said their Sunday shopping trips were not tied to any other entertainment or leisure activities, MTI reports. The ministry noted that almost 75% of respondents who were against closing stores on Sundays had incomes that put them over the poverty line.

“Should a referendum be held on the Sunday closure law, Fidesz would lose” Lázár reputedly told a private meeting this weekend commenting on the recently approved bill restricting retailers from remaining open on Sundays.