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LMP internal clashes over party list for '14 election

Tensions within the green-focused opposition party LMP appear to be intensifying with influential – albeit relatively unknown – politicians driving to force out other, better known faces, news portal has reported.

The weekend assembly of the party saw the likes of Gábor Vágó and Katalin Ertsey losing their surefire positions on the party lists ahead of the 2014 general elections to be replaced by contenders that have a stronger position within the party; reportedly only Bernadett Szél, András Schiffer and Ágnes Osztolykán have secure positions within the party rolls. noted that this wasn’t the first and surely not the last occasion when disputes emerged between LMP’s parliamentary group and the core of the national party organization; the group spun off the Dialogue for Hungary (PM) group now allied with Gordon Bajnai's Together 2014 (E14) party in early 2013.

According to a Nézőpont poll of likely voters in December, LMP would garner enough votes to earn seven seats in the 200-member parliament.

-- David Landry contributed to this article