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Laid off Flextronics employees to get help find jobs

The 950 employees being laid off by electronics manufacturer Flextronics in one of Hungary's poorest regions in the east will receive help to find new jobs, deputy director of the county labor center Miklós Temesfalvi said on Wednesday. Flextronics and the regional labor center will set up a joint committee to inform employees about work and further training opportunities and offer services connected to finding new jobs, Temesfalvi said. The committee will be partly financed by the labor center, he added. The Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County labor center currently has 2,500 unfilled jobs in its database, 600 of which are in the vicinity of the Flextronics factory in Nyíregyháza, Temesfalvi said. The center offers programs that include a combination of training and work targeted at skilled workers who lose their jobs, he added.


Flextronics, which currently has 2,000 employees, said its production cycle was seasonal and the current lay-offs would effect as many people as had been hired in the last six months of 2005.