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University of Kaposvár students go full monty in protest

“Ban the bra?” Streaking? That stuff has been proven to be positively ancient here in Hungary, as handful of students at the University of Kaposvár showed how protest goes down in the 21st century by going full monty in class yesterday. 

In response to a strict new dress code which as of October 1 prohibits short skirts, shorts, strapless dresses, dresses with too much décolletage (incidentally, how often does one get to employ the word “décolletage” or even the Hungarian “dekoltázs”?), flip-flops, “excessive” makeup and perfume, and gaudy accessories on campus grounds, 10 students and their professor went naked in class. In modern fashion, the protest was recorded on video and uploaded online.

Okay, specifics for the cause of a 100% accurate news report: the well-circulated Associated Press story notes that “Some of the students undressed down to their underwear, while other[s] seemed to be naked in a video of the protest posted online.” The perhaps-NSFW video runs below, in which one may observe that every student is in fact wearing far (far!) less garb than one would imagine comfortable for most folks within an educational environment.

The story and its accompanying images have naturally gone viral by this morning, with reportage on the protest appearing in media based everywhere from Australia to the U.S. More attention may be yet to come: USA Today, among others, notes that the same students will be attending classes in beach towels on Monday.