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Hungary’s public procurement must involve consultants under new rule

Under changing regulations consultants will be required to scrutinize large-scale public procurement procedures to ensure transparency, deputy state secretary for public procurements Dániel Gergely Császár said today, according to reports.

In an interview on Hungarian state-owned all-news channel M1, the state secretary said the task of the consultants will be to ensure public procurement procedures are conducted professionally, transparently and in line with relevant laws, Hungarian news agency MTI reported. 

The inclusion of expert advisors will be mandatory for public procurements over HUF 60 million for goods and services and over HUF 500 million for construction investments, the state secretary said. He added that approximately 815 accredited consultants are currently listed on the website of the Public Procurement Authority.

In country-specific recommendations issued last week, the European Commission said Hungary had made “limited progress” in promoting competition and transparency in public procurement, adding that the higher number of unannounced negotiated procedures, as well as contracts awarded to sole bidders show that a “low level of competition” persists, MTI noted.