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Hungary declares ‘migration state of emergency’

Hungary today declared a state of emergency for the entire country due to a “migrant crisis”, Hungary’s Interior Minister Sándor Pintér announced today between two parliamentary sessions, according to reports. The state of emergency allows tougher measures by police and the army to patrol borders and to search for illegal immigrants throughout the country.

Hungary’s Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and government spokesperson Zoltán Kovács at a doorstep press conference in Parliament today, announcing the declaration of a ‘migration state of emergency’ for the entire country. (Photo: MTI/Tamás Kovács) 

The government has decided to declare a “migration state of emergency” after the Balkans route was closed down through special measures taken by Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia at their borders, and human traffickers started recommending refugees divert their path through Hungary, according to reports.

Pintér said they did not know what impact these steps would have among refugees and “illegal migrants” already present in those countries, which is why the government has chosen to strengthen the Hungarian border, Hungarian news agency MTI reported.

Although a decision has not been made on the possible construction of a fence along the entire Romanian border, such a fence could be completed in just ten days, the interior minister said according to reports.