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Hungary-Austria crossing closed as refugees flood border

The Nickelsdorf-Miklóshalma border crossing in northern Hungary and the nearby A4 was closed this morning, Austria’s motorway management company (Asfinag) announced today, but it was not made clear how long the closure would last, Austrian news portal reported today.

Austrian police close the border at Nickelsdorf-Miklóshalma on September 10 (Photo: MTI/Csaba Krizsán)

The border has been overburdened in the past week as tens of thousands of refugees journey from Hungary to Vienna by foot. The authority is asking motorist to drive carefully to avoid the large group of asylum seekers walking along the shoulder of the motorway. Massive traffic jams have developed in the area. The alternate route to Vienna, B10 was also closed earlier, according to reports.

In the absence of trains or buses at Győr that could take refugees to the train station in Vienna, hundreds set off on foot early this morning to the Westbanhof Railway Station. Hungarian all-news channel M1 estimated that there were at least 10,000 people waiting at the Austrian side of the border to be permitted to go further.

Austria’s national railway company announced yesterday that it is stopping all rail service from Hungary and posted this on its website: “We need to temporarily suspend, due to the massive congestion from Hungary, train traffic to and from Hungary … Until further notice, no tickets available for travel destinations in Hungary are sold.”