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Hungarians rate democracy 2.7 on a scale of five, research says

Hungarians rate the state of democracy in the country at 2.7 on a scale from one to five, where one means least satisfied and five means most satisfied, according a representative poll by Závecz Research, commissioned by online news portal

Závecz Research called 1,000 electors over the phone to assess their opinions about the state of democracy in the country. The company says the sample assessed is representative.

On average, respondents, rated the importance of democracy at 4.7, existential security at 4.8 and independence at 4.3.

Respondents rated the country’s democracy level at 2.7 on average, although Budapest citizens gave an even lower rating of 2.3.

Researchers also created a so-called “democracy deficit index” which means the figure of importance is reduced from the presumed democracy level. The figure generated comes to minus 2, which means, according to the research, that the actual democracy stance is two marks lower than respondents believe it should be.

Additionally, respondents strongly agreed (4.2) with the statement that the “government favors business people close to their circles”, while giving a low score for the independence of judges (2.6). Respondents also ranked both media independence and fair elections at 3 on average.