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Hungarians critical of Brussels, but committed to EU, survey says

While a little more than half of Hungarians are apparently critical towards the policies of Brussels, the majority remain committed to the European Union, and would vote to stay should a referendum ever be held on the matter, according to Hungarian online news portal, citing a survey by the government-friendly Nézőpont Institute.

The survey, carried out on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome that created the European common market, showed that 66% of respondents said they believe “things are headed rather for the worse in Europe,” while 56% said they were “rather unsatisfied” with the work of “Brussels’ EU leadership.” suggests that this ratio of criticism could well be the result of the Eurosceptic approach of governing party Fidesz, as the party has been increasingly vocal in criticizing Brussels.

At the same time, however, 73% of respondents said that Hungary should not leave the EU. Of the rest, some 12% of respondents said Hungary should leave, while the remaining 15% were either undecided or declined to answer.

In November, a Medián survey revealed that if Hungary had organized a referendum on quitting the EU, 74% would have cast their votes to stay. Following Brexit last year, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary would not hold such a referendum, and yet he has remained vocal about 2017 being the year when “Brussels must be stopped,” noted.