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Hungarian court refuses to extradite Gruevski

A Hungarian court has refused to extradite former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who fled here late last year after being sentenced to two years in prison on corruption-related charges, international news wire Reuters reported.

Nikola Gruevski (photo:

The Budapest municipal court rejected a North Macedonian request for his extradition, saying that a person who had been granted asylum cannot be sent back to the country from which he had escaped.

Gruevski, who resigned in 2016 after a decade in power, was released from custody on the court’s order. Macedonian police had issued an arrest warrant for Gruevski, after he failed to show up to begin his sentence in Macedonia, as the country was then known, before its name change to North Macedonia this year.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s cabinet chief Gergely Gulyás told a news conference that the government respected the Hungarian court’s ruling on the extradition.