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Győr mayor implicated in sex and corruption scandal

Mayor of Győr Zsolt Borkai, who is running for reelection this month with the support of the governing Fidesz, has been implicated in a major sex and corruption scandal, after graphic material of him participating in an orgy on a yacht in Croatia was leaked.

The stories were leaked by a blogger calling himself "The Devilʼs Advocate" (Az Ördög Ügyvédje), according to multiple media reports. The anonymous blogger, who claims to have acted as a lawyer for Fidesz politicians, quit his job a few months ago, and says he decided to leak material after receiving several threats.

The pictures and videos, uploaded to popular porn site PornHub, show Borkai - a former gymnast who won a gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, and former president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (2010-2017) - participating in sexual intercourse with a young woman, allegedly a prostitute, aboard a yacht in Croatia. Also present in the video is lawyer and businessman Zoltán Rákosfalvy.

According to a report by, Rákosfalvy was involved in a number of business dealings around Győr which could not have happened without support from Borkai, including the purchase of agricultural land around the city well under market price through an offshore company, only to sell it on at a much higher price.

A report by independent news portal Magyar Hang says that one of the young women who appeared in the leaked material received an EU grant of HUF 3 million for opening a wedding dress rental business with her sister. The sisters also appeared on government-friendly commercial television channel TV2, talking about their business. The timeline of whether the funds were granted before or after the yacht incident is unclear.

Borkai himself, who is married with two children, apologized for his behavior through local television channel Győrplusz TV, but claimed that some of the published material was authentic, while some was fake, and that he had done nothing illegal. He also denied the bloggerʼs allegations of drug abuse - the blogger claims to have proof that Borkai used cocaine on the yacht - and has thus far refused to step down as a mayoral candidate.

The only reaction from Fidesz at time of writing was a brief statement saying: "The matter is part of Zsolt Borkaiʼs private life, and for this reason we will not comment on it."