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Gov't backs off on voter registration after Constitutional Court ruling

On Friday, Hungary's constitutional court struck down a controversial electoral law that critics said would have favoured the ruling party, Fidesz, BBC News reported.

The court objected to a requirement that voters register no later than 15 days before polling day.
    Some other provisions included in the bill were also deemed to be unconstitutional.

Last year Fidesz changed some other laws amid EU pressure over democratic standards.

After Friday's court ruling the head of the party's parliamentary group, Antal Rogán, said the new voter registration system would not be introduced for the 2014 general election, although Fidesz officials said earlier that in case of a negative ruling by the Court, they would consider changing the text of the constitution in order to pass the bill.

The new electoral law was adopted by parliament last November, but then President János Áder referred it to the constitutional court.