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Government communications spending rises to HUF 28.2 bln

Each year the Prime Minister’s Office headed by Antal Rogán spends more on "government communications", which by the end of 2020 may exceed HUF 94.7 billion according to

One of the key tasks of the Prime Minister’s Office has been "government communications." This included running the "Stop Brussels" and "Stop Soros" campaigns. This budget line also includes national consultations, such as the "Soros Plan" questionnaire.

The money spent by the Prime Minister’s Office on government communication tasks and consultations is recorded separately in the budget laws.

The data shows that from 2015, the ministry has spent a total of HUF 66.5 bln on government communications and consultations, HUF 2.1 bln in 2015, HUF 12 bln in 2016, HUF 26.2 bln in 2017 and 2018, respectively. This year HUF 28.2 bln is expected, adds.